Avani Metals

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Waluj, Aurangabad
Industry: Metal
Capacity: 140 KW
Estimated Annual Generation: 1.96 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 15.68 Lakhs (INR)

Avani Metals is one of the Largest Manufacturer of Plastic Mats & Platio Mats in Maharashtra


Plastic Mats have huge demand in the worlds, to increase production the director of Avani Metals Mr. Nakul Chanadak were looking for sustainable energy source which will not only reduce electricity bill but also become a better investment plan for future.


The Avani Metals project presented a number of structural challenges ranging from an aged roof to the presence of multiple skylights that needed to remain uncovered to provide natural lighting to the factory.


By doing site audits and taking support from strucutral consultants we strengthened the strucutre and made the roof usable for solar installation.

Project Image

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