Best Solar Company In Maharashtra

Save your electricity bill by installing a solar power plant on your building in Maharashtra by the leading solar installation company.

Leading Solar Company in Maharashtra

Are you still struggling to search for the best solar panel installation company in Maharashtra? Infisol Energy is the right solution for you. As solar system installers, we aim to help almost every resident and business owner save their electricity bills and tariffs by installing solar systems for them.

Infisol Energy has simplified the electricity generation for you with our solar panel installation services in Maharashtra. We always consider system installation and customer satisfaction a priority by using high-quality materials and following government norms.

Then? Still looking for a reliable solar installer? Contact Infisol Energy today and install an on-grid solar system in your home, factory, and commercial complexes.

Solar Power Plant Solution

Infisol Energy is one of the best solar energy companies in Maharashtra, providing complete solar solutions.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Industrial Solar

We serve factories, corporate offices, and warehouses of all sizes with over 8 years of experience. Our solutions reduce monthly power costs and help the environment. Companies using rooftop solar panels reduce their power expenditures and tax risk.

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Commercial Solar

Our solar solutions are greener and more affordable than conventional energy sources for schools, hospitals, and retail complexes. Businesses save energy expenditures and benefit the environment by converting to solar power. We created solutions to interface with the current infrastructure to ensure effortless daily operations.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Residential Solar

Infisol Energy offers household solar power systems to minimise carbon emissions and save energy expenses. Our residential rooftop solar systems reduce electricity usage and maintenance expenses over time. Having a solar system in the home increases its worth.

As a leading solar company in Maharashtra, Infisol Energy provides efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions to all sectors.

Why Choose Infisol-Energy for Your Solar Installation In Maharashtra?

Official Channel Partner of Adani Solar

As an official channel partner of Adani Solar, we are proud to use high-quality solar panels in our project.

Dedicated Technical Team

We are proud of our in-house technical team, which handles design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring of solar systems we have installed is part of our commitment to providing excellent service. This proactive strategy optimises solar plant production and assures smooth operations.

Customised Solutions

Because each client has unique energy needs, Infisol-Energy customises solar solutions. We consider energy usage and space to build a system that suits the demands of our customers.


Infisol-Energy’s environmental commitment extends beyond solar electricity. We prioritise eco-friendly operations across our operations. Invest in solar electricity and help Maharashtra generate more electricity and be cleaner.

Importance of Solar Panel Installations

Lower your electricity expenses

Reduced Electricity Bills

Installing a solar system on your building saves you electricity bills and can even make it zero.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Save Electricity Tariffs

Once you install a solar system on your industrial unit, you are ready to save electricity tariffs.

Lower your electricity expenses

Reduced Carbon Emission

Switch to solar energy and help the environment by reducing carbon footprint. On average, a system of 1 Kw can reduce carbon emission by 36125 kg, equivalent to planting 36 trees

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Higher ROI

Due to its 2-3 year payback, solar energy investments have a high ROI. It’s a wise investment since you can expect a 20–22% IRR.

Lower your electricity expenses

Proven and Reliable Technology

Our solar system installation comes with proven technologies that produce electricity constantly.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Lower Maintenance Cost

Power generation using conventional resources, like thermal water, needs more maintenance. However, this is not the case with solar-based energy generation. Hence, system maintenance costs less.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing a solar panel in Maharashtra?

Installing solar panels in your factories, homes, and commercial buildings will help you save electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions.

How can solar panels save me money on electricity bills?

Solar systems generate electricity, feed it to the utility, and effectively save money.

Will installing solar panels help reduce carbon emissions?

Yes, switching to solar electricity can lower your carbon impact in half. Thus, this will mitigate climate change and purify the air.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for solar energy investments?

Solar energy projects typically have a 20–22% ROI and a 2-3-year payback.

Are solar systems reliable in Maharashtra?

Yes, Maharashtra is one of the best places to install solar power plants.


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