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At Infisol Energy, we apply today’s most advanced technologies to support our associates in their drive to create meaningful change on a global scale –and a personal one. We’re building a company to power the world. And it starts by empowering you.

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At Infisol Energy, our mission is to help our customers reduce their dependence on the utility grid by allowing them to invest in a solar-powered future. While the big power companies continue to raise rates and dictate what a customer owes for electricity, we believe strongly in offering our customers a more practical option. At Infisol Energy we want our customers to potentially save money while helping us create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations.

At Infisol Energy, you will feel valued, appreciated and challenged, working side-by-side with some of the top minds in the industry. You will be regularly updated on the company’s goals, progress and achievements. Infisol Energy maintains a culture where all associates work together to lead the world’s sustainable energy future. We believe in employee engagement, collaboration, well-being and productivity for all generations and emerging workstyles. We’re changing the world. Now, let us start with yours.

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