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Bring down electricity expenses with Solar energy. Hire Infisol Energy - The best solar installation company in pune.

Are you planning to install a solar system on your roof in Pune and not getting the right solution? It is time to find the best solar contractor. We, as an experienced solar company in Pune, use solar panels and system components with higher quality and advanced technologies.

Whether you are looking to install solar panels for your home, school, hospital, corporate office, or factory unit, we are happy to help you at any time. Call us and get a customised quote.

Solar Power Plant Solution

We offer solar panel installation in Pune with 3 options as below:

Infisol- Solar Panels

Industrial Solar

From small and medium-sized factories to large godown buildings, we offer solar panel installation solutions for almost every industry. Our customised solar EPC solution in Pune will help you reduce electricity bills and increasing tariffs.

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Commercial Solar

Whether you want to install solar panels for your school, hospital, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, etc., we are happy to help you.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Residential Solar

Our rooftop solar installation in Pune will help you to be part of a greener future in India. You will save electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to the energy sector in India.

Why Choose Infisol-Energy for Your Solar Installation In Pune?

Infisol-Energy is the best choice for all of your solar installation needs because:

Authorised Channel Partners of Adani Solar

We are official channel partners of Adani Solar for solar panel distribution in Maharashtra. Hence, we use advanced modules in all our solar projects depending on client requirements.

Competitive Pricing

We provide all our solar system installation projects at competitive prices. But don’t worry; offering high-quality services is our top priority.

Remote Monitoring

Once the installation is done, we offer annual maintenance for 1 year. In this, we track all the system parameters in real time to see if there are any technical issues.

Customised Solutions

Depending on available shadow-free surface area and load requirements, we design and install customised solar systems.

Importance of Solar Panel Installations

In an economically active city like Pune, installing solar on buildings will help you in the following ways.

Reduce Monthly Energy Cost

Reduce Monthly Energy Cost

Solar power has the potential to significantly change the monthly energy costs of factories, houses, and businesses. Collaborating with the best solar company in Pune will help you adopt solar power. As a result, you will achieve financial security and energy sustainability in the long run.

Low electricity Price

Low electricity Price

Installing solar power systems is bright in Pune, which is looking to avoid the one to three percent yearly increases in grid energy expenses. Stabilising energy costs is one way you can protect yourself against rising pressure and unpredictable atmospheric conditions.

Decreased emissions of carbon

Decreased emissions of carbon

Solar system installation will help you to generate electricity through your building. It will help you reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Solar power needs less maintenance than other power plants. It saves time, resources, and money.


Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do businesses get with Infisol Energy's industrial solar solutions in Pune?

Infisol Energy allows corporate clients in Pune to lower their tax obligations, show their environmental concern, and save money on energy expenses with solar installation on their buildings.

How do solar installations contribute to Pune's greener future?

Infisol Energy stands out because of its reasonable pricing, dedicated team, partnership with Adani Solar, and customised, eco-friendly solutions.

How quickly can Pune residents and businesses see ROI on solar installations?

A return on investment (ROI) of two to three years is usually achieved with Infisol Energy’s solar systems in Pune. The expected IRR is between twenty and twenty-two per cent in this case.

How does Infisol Energy ensure seamless integration of solar solutions for Pune businesses?

Infisol Energy’s commitment to sustainability is seen in the unique solutions it provides to meet the business needs of Pune. In the process, our technologies also help lower pollution levels.


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