Best Solar Company In Nagpur

Installing a solar power system can minimise your monthly energy bill. Choose a trusted solar plant installation company to save money and use green energy.

Are you willing to install a solar panel system on your building in Nagpur? Not getting the proper solution? Stop searching, Infisol Energy is here to help you.
As the best solar company in Nagpur, we understand that the city has the highest potential for electricity generation using solar. Further, we understand that there is peak demand for electricity in almost every season for various reasons.

To solve these problems, we will help you with customised solar panel installation solutions, be it for home, factory, commercial complex, school, hospital, or any other building.

Leading Solar Company in Nagpur

As a reliable solar installation company in Nagpur, we offer installations in the following segments:

Infisol- Solar Panels

Industrial Solar

As an experienced solar EPC contractor in Maharashtra, Industrial solar installation is one of our primary solutions in the Vidarbha region, where we have installed systems ranging from 100 kW to 2 MW in capacity.

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Commercial Solar

Our cutting-edge solar system installation can help commercial buildings, like schools, hospitals, corporate offices, and educational institutes, to save electricity bills and tariffs and contribute to a sustainable future.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Residential Solar

Rising electricity demand is at its peak in Nagpur with increasing heat and other factors. Solar energy will help residents to save bills and compensate for the rising demand. Contact us for rooftop solar installation at your home.

Why Choose Infisol-Energy for Your Solar Installation In Nagpur?

Infisol-Energy is the best choice for all of your solar installation needs because:

Official Partner of Adani Solar

We are the authorised channel partner of Adani Solar for panel distribution in Maharashtra. It helps us to use Made In India solar panels in all the projects we install and provide quality services to our customers.

Remotely Monitoring

After completing project installation and commissioning, we start remote monitoring of every project using advanced technologies and O&M experts.

Remote Monitoring

After completing project installation and commissioning, we start remote monitoring of every project using advanced technologies and O&M experts.

Customised Solutions

As a popular Nagpur solar company, we offer customised solar solutions according to client demands, like system size, type of material, location design, etc.

Environmentally friendly

As an experienced solar power plant installation company in Nagpur, all our projects are pollution-free and long-lasting.

Importance of Solar Panel Installations

In an economically active city like Pune, installing solar on buildings will help you in the following ways.

Reduce Monthly Energy Cost

Reduced Electricity Bills

Solar installation will start electricity generation at your place immediately. It will feed the generated electricity to the grid, start saving monthly bills, and can even make it zero sometimes.

Low electricity Price

Savings on Electricity Tariffs

As an HT consumer, if you install solar panels, you are going to save a lot of money on increasing tariffs.

Decreased emissions of carbon

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Installing a solar system of 1kW size is equivalent to planting 30+ trees. It will reduce a lot of carbon emissions and effectively reduce the greenhouse effect.

Low maintenance

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Solar gives around 18 to 22 times the return on investment throughout its 25-year life. It means you can recover the initial investment within the first 2 to 3 years.

Decreased emissions of carbon

Reliable Technology

We install solar projects for all our clients using proven technologies and make them reliable for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose solar power for my home or business?

Installing solar electricity can save you money over time. The environment will benefit from this as well.

Is solar power affordable?

Solar power has a one-time investment, great ROI, and fast payback periods. Infisol Energy offers quality services at low prices.

What sets Infisol Energy apart from other solar companies?

As an official Adani Solar channel partner, Infisol Energy provides high-quality solar panels, mounting structures, and customised solutions.

How can I get started with solar power for my home or business?

Book a consultation with Infisol Energy to start your solar energy adventure. After assessing your energy demands, our experts will provide customised solutions.


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