Kohinoor Ropes Pvt. Ltd.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Sailu , Parbhani
Industry: Polymers
Capacity: 900 KW
Estimated Annual Generation: 12.60 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 100.80 Lakhs (INR)

Kohinoor Rope is a name recognized in domestic & international markets. Operating since 1985.


Kohinoor Ropes is committed to adopting green initiatives in their operations. The organization aimed to generate about 50% of its annual on-premise power requirements through onsite solar power and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.


Cusotmer had finalized single location installation, however based on their experience with us, they immediately decided to have installation at 2 locations simaltaneously.


Infisol assigned two diffrent teams with dedicated resources to complete the projects within timelines.

Project Image

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