Shree Ganesh Agro Industries

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Gondia
Industry: Rice Mill
Capacity: 1275Kw
Estimated Annual Generation: 17.85 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 142.8 Lakhs (INR)

Shri Ganesh Rice Mill – Manufacturer of basmati rice grain, chinese black rice & boiled rice in Arjuni Morgaon, Maharashtra.


Shree Ganesh Agro Industries sought out solutions to move closer to achieving its target of net-zero emissions and reducing its cost of electricity.


The Ganesh Agro Industries project presented a number of technical and project implementation challenges. The metal rooftops on the large facilities had multiple orientations and the solution would need to be optimized across multiple points. The project implementation would also need to minimise disruptions to operations. and it will be difficult to maintain power factor becouse factory runs seasonal


We had close to 13 shades in various orientations in the premises and detailed simulations were done to ensure there is no significant shadow / soiling loss impact.

We analyzed that since agro industries are seasonal it would have been difficult to control power factor when there is lower production hence we selected Huawei inverter where we have dynamic power factor controller and customer is able to maintain power factor correctly.

Project Image