Siddarth Ginning & Pressing

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Aurangabad
Industry: Ginning
Capacity: 100 KW
Estimated Annual Generation: 1.40 Lakhs
Estimated Annual Savings: 11.20 Lakhs

Siddharth Ginning is one of the cotton processing industry from Aurangabad who have gone for Ground Mounted Solar System


Siddarth Ginning is willing to make a small contribution to reduce greenhouse gases by generating green energy


Factory Rooftop was not stable to withstand a load of Solar Module Team INFISOL given a Idea of Ground Mounted solar with Bifacial Solar Module.
Being a grount mounted project there were several challenges to tackle like uneven surfaces and faced som difficulties while pilling the sand.


Gound Mounted Projects have some major advantage like we can design the solar structure with perfect tilt angle ot true south facing.
Daily Solar Generation is more than 5 Unit/day/kW only becouse of Bifacial Solar Panel and True South Facing Angle.

Project Images