Commercial Solar Power Systems: A Guide

Commercial Solar

Technology improves our quality of life leading to an increasing need for energy to power our technology. Did you know that the average cost of electricity has increased by 33% in the last 15 years? Depending on fossil fuels is non-sustainable and not eco-friendly.
There is an alternative: renewable energy from the sun. Millions of business owners and homeowners are recognizing the advantages of commercial solar power systems and are opting to install solar panels. This guide will lay out how this choice will help you save on energy and create a better future for all.

Why Should Your Business Install a Solar Power System?

The main reason people give for not installing a solar power system is cost. The initial estimate for installing such a system drives many business owners away. The good news is that the average cost of solar PV panels has dropped nearly 70%!
There are also many other advantages to using a solar power system.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Did you know that there are several Federal energy rebate programs? There is the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit, and for businesses, there’s the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit. These are only a few of the Federal incentive programs.

Save Money

Depending on the solar power system you install and the number of panels, you can avoid paying any electricity costs. In some states, California being one of them, there is something called ‘net metering’.
Net metering is a method for excess solar energy generated by privately-owned homes or companies to be fed back into the electrical grid. Excess solar energy is whatever energy you haven’t used. This means, the solar system owner actually is selling energy to the state for use by others on the grid.
In this way, if you are producing more energy than you need from your solar power system, you are actually earning money from the sun!

Energy Security

Solar power requires a substantial upfront investment to purchase and install the system . After the initial costs, electricity is produced at no cost to the business/ homeowner.

Home and business owners who do not have solar panels are at the mercy of fluctuating energy costs. If you’ve ever read your utility bill, you will notice how much more a kilowatt-hour costs during peak energy consumption months compared to the rest of the year. As a solar power system owner, you will not deal with any of these fluctuations.

Another problem that arises periodically is power outages. These can be generated by weather systems and natural disasters that knock out the power grid, or by maintenance or technical issues. With a solar power system involving a good backup battery (not just one that takes care of night-time needs when there is no sun), you are much more resilient to these challenging power outages.

Increased Property Value

The resale value of a property with a good commercial solar power system increases significantly. A recent study showed that homes with solar panels sell for 8% more.

Being Green

As a business/ homeowner, you are saving the planet by not depending on fossil fuels. Business owners are also saving the planet, but they also have a commercial benefit. By using green energy, customers feel good about spending their money with them.

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Solar Power Systems?

C&I Solar Installation Options

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) property owners install solar panels on roofs. They also have other options like installing panels on carports in parking lots or even large ground-mounted installations. These systems even have the option of having tracking capabilities that will tilt the panels to obtain the maximum amount of sun throughout the day.

Get Ready to Go Green

As discussed already, commercial solar power systems are one of the best choices you can make to join this growing trend. With 10 years of experience serving the needs of homes and businesses with their solar power needs, you can’t go wrong with Infisol Energy. Contact us today!

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