The Ultimate Guide to 3kW Solar Panel Systems in India: Prices, Benefits, & More

The Ultimate Guide to 3kW Solar Panel Systems in India

How can you cut your electricity costs, are you thinking? Imagine a future where your electricity bills are significantly reduced, your home’s value is enhanced and you’re contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. This is a reality that a 3kW solar panel system can provide for your house. India can switch to a sustainable energy future with solar electricity, which can also contribute to a safer and healthier future. We will cover every aspect of 3kW solar panel systems in India in this article, including costs, government incentives, and their many advantages.

Cost of a 3KW Panel in India

The type of panel, solar component quality, and features might affect the cost of a social panel in India, whether it is being used for residential or commercial purposes.

This is how much a 3kW solar panel installation is expected to cost in India.

ModelApproximate price
3kW on grid solar system2,20,000
3kW off grid solar system2,40,000
3kW hybrid solar system 2,70,000

Breakdown of Costs:

  • Solar panel: The cost of a solar power system’s whole installation includes a sizable amount of solar panel costs. Compared to thin-film or polycrystalline alternatives, monocrystalline panels are more costly.
  • Inverters: An appropriate inverter increases efficiency by converting solar energy, which is DC (direct current), into AC (alternating current), which is useful electricity. The cost may differ based on the inverter’s quality.
  • Mounting Framework: Mounting could be very expensive. Rooftop installations are typically less expensive than ground mounting systems. The price may differ depending on where you go.
  • Installation: To finish the task, experts need specialized equipment, extra workers, and professional techniques. Installing a system might cost anything from 20,000 to 1 lakh, depending on how complicated it is.

Advantages of Setting up a 3KW Solar Power:

  • Savings: A 3kW system can provide homeowners with monthly savings ranging from 3000 to 5,000. They can use this safe money for everyday expenses and invest it in a secondary source of income to enhance their monthly earnings.
  • Environmental benefits: Using a 3kW solar panel eliminates the demand for fossil fuels while giving the idea that we live on an emission-free planet. This contributes to the fight against climate change and helps to clean up the environment.
  • Energy independence: You may generate your own electricity with a 3kW solar panel system. You will not have to worry about power outages after installing solar energy panels because they store electricity and meet your needs.
  • Increased property value: If you intend to sell or rent out your home, the solar energy panel will raise its value. Solar panels not only provide long-term financial and environmental benefits, but they also improve the aesthetics of your home. 

Choosing the Right 3kW Solar Panel System

When selecting a solar panel system, consider the following:

  • First and foremost, one must evaluate the solar panel’s quality based on several factors, including its size (measured in watts), brand, material quality, durability, and warranty duration.
  • Examine the energy-converting capacity of solar panels to determine their energy efficiency in terms of quality energy. You can invest a small amount on a quality panel by verifying this.
  • Durability: Examine the warranty cards, which have a 25-year warranty period. Check to verify whether the brand or product is not efficient if the warranty is less than 25 years.
  • Installer Reputation: Choose certified and experienced installers to guarantee proper installation and service.

Final Thought

India would be wise to invest in a 3kW solar panel system in order to lower energy costs and lessen their influence on the environment. It can be made more economical by selecting Infisol Energy, therefore now is a good time to think about switching to solar power. With Infisol Energy, discover your cost-effective option with dependable quality and move toward an energy future that is sustainable.

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