How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Maharashtra

How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Maharashtra

Have you ever considered solar electricity for house lighting? Solar panels are environmentally friendly and cheaper than traditional energy sources. But how much does it cost to install solar panels in Maharashtra, India?  

This detailed guide is for Maharashtra residents who wish to learn about installing solar panels in their location. Let’s discuss solar panels, installation costs, and why to convert sunlight to solar energy.  

In addition, we will examine how solar panel pieces interact. After reading this, you can determine whether it’s right for you.   

What is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels convert the sun’s beams into power. It converts photons into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. Standard solar panel systems include four elements. A solar energy system needs solar panels, an inverter to convert the energy and a mounting mechanism or stand. 

Solar panel installation costs vary by system size and type. Getting quotations from many businesses is the best approach to estimating installation costs. 

Fundamentals of Solar Panel Systems

  • Solar Panels: Solar panels or photovoltaic panels are the foundation of every solar power system. Solar panels convert sunlight to power as their solar energy conversion enables them to generate electricity. Mono PERC and high-efficiency panels last longer and perform better. These panels achieve their aim while being more costly.
  • Inverters: Solar power systems need inverters to convert DC energy from panels into AC power for home appliances. String and micro inverters are common inverters. In darkened areas, micro inverters outperform string inverters while being more costly. String inverters are cheaper but have one failure point.
  •  Mounting Structures: Frameworks for support Solar panels need structures surrounding them to be steady. Many factors must be considered while choosing mounting options. Available space and local weather are two requirements. Flexible mounts that vary panel angles to optimise sunlight exposure may cost more, but they perform better.

Factors that affect the costs of installing a solar panel system

Some of the many factors that affect solar panel installation costs are:

Solar Panel Efficiency and Type

When buying solar panels, consider their efficiency and the variety of options available. More efficient panels may supply more power over time, but they cost more upfront.

System Size

An energy audit helps establish the best system size for your energy usage trends. This aim may be achievable following an energy audit. Larger systems with more features may have lower monthly energy expenses because of their lifespan, despite greater start up costs.


Before buying, examine the inverter’s shadow and module orientation. This applies to micro inverters and string inverters. Even though string inverters are more efficient and cost-effective, micro inverters are popular for their versatility.

Device attachment and setup

Mounting structure and roofing design might affect installation cost. Ground-mounted devices have great placement potential, but resource and labour limitations limit them.

Product Quality

Buying high-quality panels, inverters, and batteries can boost system efficiency and lifetime. Here, you may optimise your investment return. Thus, the system will work well and need less maintenance.

Government Schemes

Take advantage of one of the several government solar power incentive schemes. These programs aim to improve solar energy consumption. Subsidies and other financial aid are offered to make solar power more affordable and accessible. In addition to installation fees, some programs may provide further financial help.

Installation Cost

In your budget, add personnel, equipment, and any other installation-related costs. When you work with a recognized provider, you reduce the risk of mistakes that might cost more and assure a seamless installation. Hiring a competent firm can maintain the system working properly and reassure investors about their money.

Advantages of Installing Solar Panels 

Installing solar panels provide these benefits: 

Increased Property Value: Increased property value Solar panels may increase your home’s value by four per cent or more in areas with frequent power outages. Especially in locations with frequent power outages. People are willing to pay more for houses with solar panels; therefore, adding them will pay off. 

Lower Energy Bills: Solar power may reduce your consumption of conventional energy. This may reduce your monthly energy costs significantly. Even in rainy weather, solar panels may reduce your grid energy needs.

Environmental Benefits: Effects that benefit nature solar energy are renewable and environmentally friendly, unlike fossil fuels. Sun-absorbing solar panels help safeguard the environment and promote green habits. 

Long-term Savings: Solar panels cost once but pay for themselves many times over. This expenditure will save money over time. Solar panels save a lot of money during their lifetime by reducing or eliminating electricity expenses. 

Energy Independence: Solar panel owners don’t need electricity networks. They may utilise their green energy source independently of these networks. Storage or grid sale of excess energy are innovative options to gain money. 

Government incentives: Tax credits and refunds encourage solar energy adoption. Indians may acquire solar panel financing. This makes solar energy more affordable for houses and cuts installation costs. State legislation may allow larger solar systems to get more funding. 

How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Maharashtra? 

SystemSize in KWCost per KW
Residential1-5 KW₹55-60K + GST
Commercial20 KW₹40-45K + GST
Industry (Small to Medium)100-150 KW₹27-30K GST
Industry( Large)1 MW₹24-27K + GST


Installing solar panels on your Maharashtra roof lets you save money, consume clean energy, and assist the environment. Before choosing, consider panel type, system size, and government advantages.

Installing solar panels is a sensible way to live greener. This is because land values may rise, energy costs may fall, and people may rely less on traditional power sources.

Even as technology advances and awareness grows, solar energy remains the most significant tool for making Maharashtra and its surroundings more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

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1. How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Residential Areas? 

The average cost of house installations in Maharashtra begins at ₹60,000. The GST is included in this pricing for systems between 1 and 5 kW. 

2. How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Commercial Areas?

Solar panel installation for commercial businesses may cost between 40,000 and 45,000 Indian Rupees. This is for 20-KW systems. 

3. How Much Would It Cost To Install Solar Panels in Industrial Area?

Installation costs for industrial applications vary by organisation and operating level. For industrial businesses, installation costs may be ₹27000 to 30,000 + GST. Industrial systems with greater demand might be 100-150 KW. 

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