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At Infisol Energy, our mission is to help our customers reduce their dependence on the utility grid by allowing them to invest in a solar-powered future. While the big power companies continue to raise rates and dictate what a customer owes for electricity, we believe strongly in offering our customers a more practical option. At Infisol Energy we want our customers to potentially save money while helping us create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations

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Our Solutions

Infisol can help you find the perfect solar solution for your business.

In our work towards a carbon-free energy system by 2050, we are guided by these principles.


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We at Infisol provide a wide range of system configurations to meet your energy objectives from maximizing IRR to maximizing the NPV of your investment.


Solar Panel Installation

Our unmatched power plant experience enables us to perform onsite or off site installation, optimizing land usage & system size to fulfill your energy objectives.

Solar Loan For SMEs

100% Secure, Fast, Reliable & Convenient

With Infisol, you can get a solar loan without collateral for a rooftop solar system. Our rooftop solar systems can recoup the investment & can generate a payback in a span of 3 to 4 years (without any subsidies) – a record-breaking ROI for a non-subsidized solar system.

Financing solar with Infisol is hassle-free & perfectly matches the payback period so that once paid off, customers get FREE power from solar going forward. Yep! You read that correctly.

Obtain our collateral-free loan in 3 super-simple steps:

Step 1: Submit the loan application form
Step 2: Credit evaluation & site visit
Step 3: Loan approved

Why Infisol Energy?

A Cleaner environment and reduced carbon footprint

Optimum usage of available roof area

Less reliability on traditional power sources

Option to monitor power consumption

Regulatory consulting & support

Quality assurance

Fastest turnaround time

Superior o&m

Are you ready to go solar?

Our Installations

Shree Ganesh Agro Industries

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Gondia
Industry: Agro/Rice Mill
Capacity: 1275Kw
Estimated Annual Generation: 17.85 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 142.8 Lakhs (INR)

Octagon Foods

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Latur
Industry: Agro / Dall Mill
Capacity: 1126 KW
Estimated Annual Generation: 15.76 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 126.11 Lakhs (INR)

Kohinoor Ropes Pvt. Ltd.

Infisol- Solar Panels

Location: Sailu , Parbhani
Industry: Polymers
Capacity: 900 KW
Estimated Annual Generation: 12.60 KWh
Estimated Annual Savings: 100.80 Lakhs (INR)

Are you ready to go solar?

Our Clients

Happy Customers Who Switched to SOLAR

Our Clients

Finance Models for Solar Energy Projects

CAPEX Model (Capital Expenditure model)

The CAPEX or capital expenditure model involves the customer paying capital expenditure for the setup of the solar power plant, i.e the customer owns the assets. When the business premises has sufficient space for installing solar power plants, & the business can make the upfront investment required to own one, then solar CAPEX model should be utilized.

OPEX/RESCO Model (Operation Expenditure model)

Under the OPEX model, a Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) in invests, build and maintains ab onsite solar plant. The customer pays for the power generated under a long-term power purchases agreement (PPA) at an agreed tariff for a fixed tenure. The Opex model mitigates the investment and performance risk that a Capex model has since the customer only pays for the energy generated with no large assets based investment.

Are you ready to go solar?